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Sugar of India – ICUMSA 45 – M 30 – S 30 – White Refined Sugar

Albaraka Group is a Prominent Exporter and Supplier of India White Refined Sugar. Our Product Range Comprises of Premium Quality Indian Sugar, Refined Sugar, Granulated Sugar and White Sugar
Sugar Grades based on Crystal Size. We are offering ICUMSA-45 White Refined Sugar, M-30 White Cane Sugar and S-30 White Cane Sugar.
Albaraka Group offer ECO Friendly Packing to our esteemed Customers. We offer unadulterated content to the customers and do not compromise on the Quality of the Sugar. We have access to the world best-in-class Sugar Producers to provide a full range of White Sugar qualities with privileged access to a very High Quality Sugar.

ICUMSA-45 White Refined Sugar,

ICUMSA-45 is a Highly Versatile Product, capable of meeting the requirements of Domestic, Industrial and Pharmaceutical applications. ICUMSA-45 Indian Sugar is a most Highly Refined form of Sugar. ICUMSA-45 Sugar has a Sparkling White Color. It is suitable for Human Consumption and use in a wide range of Food applications.

M-30 White Cane Indian Sugar

is finished from Organic Sugar Cane. The Color of Grains is Sparkling White and Grain Size is Medium to Bold. M-30 White Cane Sugar is the most demanded Sugar Grade of India. We offer M-30 White Cane Sugar in 20Ft Containers with 25Kg and 50Kg Polypropylene Bag with Competitive Prices.

S-30 White Cane Indian Sugar

has Finest Granules and Excellent Sparkling White Color and thus it is known for its Top Grade Quality. S-30 White Cane Sugar is used in preparation of different kinds of Desserts, Beverages, Sweet Dishes, etc. S-30 White Cane Indian Sugar offered at Competitive Prices by Albaraka Group

sugar of strawberry

Strawberries mainly consist of water (91%) and carbohydrates (7.7%). They contain only minor amounts of fat (0.3%) and protein (0.7%). The nutrients in 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of raw strawberrie

Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil

The World’s Largest Sunflower Oil Producers are Ukraine, Russia, European Union and Argentina. In recent years, there has been an Increase in demand for Sunflower Crops such as Sunflower Oil. Measures such as the Development of Hybrid Sunflowers to Increase Sunflower Oil Production have been introduced to meet this demand.

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